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Adina Akiyama
(520) 809-4384
About the Artist

I have loved to draw ever since I was a little girl.  Both my parents were very supportive with praise & supplies & when my mother gave me my first paint set as a teenager, I became a painter.

If I can credit a teacher, he would be Vincent Van Gogh.  I love his painting and unique style and color.  I studied and practiced his painting until I developed my own style and then continued to work on my own natural abilities.The Artist
Painting was always done for my own pleasure & although I still find pleasure in painting, it has now become my work as well.  While sharing that pleasure with others, I feel completely blessed to be in the position of doing what I love for work.  It makes working a joy to do.

Mother Nature is my greatest inspiration & like nature find joy in the creative process.  I work in a variety of mediums, styles & avenues of painting.  As a freelance artist, I have learned to be creatively flexible.  I paint pictures & do custom assignments on wood, paper & canvas.  I paint murals on many surfaces, exterior and interior.  I do custom interior painting with decorative borders & faux finishes for homes and business.  I also paint on windows commercially doing business logos, sales signs & holiday decorations.

I thank you for visiting my website and look forward to creating something special for you.

Adina Akiyama
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Adina Akiyama
(520) 809-4384

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