Autumn Mountain Art
Autumn Mountain Art, Where Imagination Becomes Reality Please  contact the artist:

Adina Akiyama
(520) 809-4384
Decorative Borders and Paper Cut-outs                                                    Gallery

Decorative Borders

Approximately $20.00 per Sq. Foot.
(Additional costs for extremely rough surfaces.  DOES NOT include materials.)

Paper Cut-Outs
Approximately $3.00 - $5.00 per piece.  ($100 minimum.)

All final prices will be determined by project design.

Old World Rose Border Old World Rose Border
Sunflower Border Window Border
Old World Rose Border Old World Rose Border
Curls & Leaf Headboard Curls and Leaf Headboard
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For further information on any of the work I do or to schedule design
consultations or estimates please contact me through e-mail or call.

Adina Akiyama
(520) 809-4384

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